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Digital Transformation & IIoT Implementation

The Difference

noxVIEW Team takes up project on Digital Transformations of manufacturing Facilities by Fusion of OT & IT with Factory Automation.

This helps manufacturing automation make more Data oriented, Predictable, Adaptive, Collaborative, Flexible and Faster.

Manufacturing Ecosystem Proficiency

State of the Art Infrastructure

Flexible and Step by Step Approach

Fully Integrated and Versatile Application Layer

Robust and Strong Architecture


A fully integrated suite of Digital Transformation Solutions

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on inter connectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.


IIoT is, at its core, about connecting critical data from devices, machines, processes and operations etc. Ultimately, by connecting more together, we can improve overall effectiveness and provide new insights into our business.

Edge Computing

Many User applications on IIoT needs Data Processing at a nearest point from where it is generated to give near real time and accurate performance rather than sending directly to the clouds.


MES Solutions connects, monitors and controls complex manufacturing Operations and data flows on the factory floor. It helps achieve that goal by tracking and gathering accurate, real-time data about the complete production life cycle from order release to the product delivery stage for finished goods.

Operations & Control

Visualize , Operate, Control and Analyze Your Manufacturing Process with noxVIEW Platform brings lots of advantage to the user to leverage seem-less scalability to expand the solution to any level upto MES-ERP integration & IIoT.

Performance Analytics

Ready to Deploy-Plug n Play Performance Monitoring Solution Empower operators to chase production Targets with insights about all kind of Manufacturing Losses in real time. Drastically reduce machine downtime, increase throughput, and maximize profitability.

Maruti Suzuki
Inductotherm Corp
TATA Motors
Raychem RPG
Maruti Suzuki
Inductotherm Corp
TATA Motors
Raychem RPG


Robust, Cohesive Yet Independent

Unified nature of noxVIEW Platform is the Core Strength behind noxVIEW Platform Product’s Success.

Our Modular Approach Makes Development and Deployment faster and more agile to work, with scope for high scalability.

noxVIEW Products Share Core Modules APIs Internally, That Makes Module Interconnectivity Seamless, with Room to connect more 3rd Party Application Solutions. So as your Requirement goes up, the platform can also grow with you.



Security & Compliance at the core

noxVIEW Platform meets the Industry Standards when it comes to Security, to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keeping operations safe.

AES encryption

All Traffic passes to and from noxVIEW Platform Products on Web are End-to-End encrypted with EC-DSA.

Robust ACL

The Core Security module, Comply with US FDA 21CFR11 which includes, User Rules and Attributes for Access Control & e-Signature, Audit Trail, Temper Proof & Timestamped e-Records.

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