DFI – Step Towards IIoT

Fetches Merely any Real World data from Machines &
Process Connects it to Almost Anywhere you want
Databases, IoT framework…

Data fetch & Interface Empowers IIoT & Industry 4.0  Implementation in heterogeneous environments and can work with any other software platform.

Data Fetch & Interface


The Standalone Configurable Software Application built on noxVIEW Platform is a solution to the problem of interfacing shop floor data to IT systems independently and simultaneously to the machine operations without affecting it.

The real time data Gateway Software Connects merely any real world data from equipment controllers like PLC, CNC or OPC Servers to almost everywhere…databases, IoT frameworks, CSV or any other desired format.


With Vast Support of Data Connectivity, DFI Connected to Industry Standard PLC Models Brands like Mitsubishi, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Modbus, CNC, HTTP, OPC and Many more


It takes marely minutes to configure and start recording Data to your favorite Data Destinations like noxVIEW Cloud IoT Platform, Database, OPC UA/DA to name a few


Send Realtime stream of data to your application via HTTP Rest API, MQTT or Web Socket

Tag Grouping

Data Tags can be freely grouped as per requirement of recipient


TLS SSL Encrypted Data Transfer between different Servers such with HTTPS, WSS, and MQTT Protocols

Zero Data Loss

Buffered Data Interface between DFI & Gateway Ensures Zero Data Loss, for reliable communication

Networks & Gateways

LogSpot - Data Viewer - Realtime Device Status Mockup

For OEMs

White Label DFI with Your own  Brand

For ambitious companies around the world, noxVIEW makes creating meaningful manufacturing data as simple, intuitive and effortless as it can get. Our teams are capable of helping from startups to large enterprises.

Open for Tailoring to OEM specific needs with White Labelling on a large volumes. It can be deployed on Embedded Computers for 24×7 real-time performance.

Ready to get Started?

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Performance Analytics

OEE – Dashboard, Visulize Realtime Manufacturing Performance

Connected Factory

IIoT, The Future of Smart, Efficient Digital Factories