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Pharma is the world’s most regulated industry & hence the core focus remained around compliance of manufacturing process rather than adopting the latest manufacturing software technologies for operational excellence. However, Now the digital transformation solutions have shown acceptance as it can reduce the complexity in regulatory compliance along with ease of operation by guided workflow in batch operation, paperless production, and real time visibility of Manufacturing performance.

Digital Transformation

Automation Integration

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Competitive Edge


Equipment Control layer

⦁ Access Control not meeting Compliance Requirement
⦁ Limitation in Batch Process Report Formats
⦁ Time stamp consistency issue in electronic records
⦁ Data Portability and Time Synchronization issue

Data Centralization Layer

⦁ OPC Limitation of Capture Rate
⦁ Real Time Synchronization across facility
⦁ Data Accuracy and consistency
⦁ Centralization of Record from a variety of HMI/SCADA
⦁ Mismatching of Local & Centralized Data
⦁ Data Missing in between & Data Loss
⦁ Multiple User Profile of same User for different Equipment

MES Traceability (BMR) layer

⦁ Human error & In-consistency in operations
⦁ Manual entry in BMR & ERP system
⦁ Raw material traceability issue
⦁ Mix-up of raw material
⦁ Precision & Accuracy in Batching
⦁ Identification of WIP RM

Solution for

Equipment Control & Regulatory Compliance

noxVIEW SCADA solution for Equipment Control and Regulatory Compliance provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities, enabling manufacturers to maintain precision and meet regulatory requirements and ensures that equipment is always operating within specified parameters, reducing the risk of errors and compliance issues.

Electronic Signature

⦁ 3 Unique Attributes – User Id, User Level & Password
⦁ Password Strength – Characters Mix & Length

Electronic Records

⦁ Audit trail Record – All User Activity
⦁ Batch Process Records & Critical Event Records
⦁ Timestamp for all records & Tamper Proof Data
⦁ ALCOA+ Characteristics

User Management

⦁ Multiple User Levels, Multiple User at each Level
⦁ Password Aging/Expiry, Auto Logout
⦁ Block/Unblock – Wrong Attempts, Inactive User
⦁ Access Rights, Change Password on First Attempt

Data Portability

⦁ Data Export/Import
⦁ Data Archival/Retrieval

Maruti Suzuki
Inductotherm Corp
TATA Motors
Raychem RPG
Maruti Suzuki
Inductotherm Corp
TATA Motors
Raychem RPG

Retrofit Solution

We can help your old equipment meet latest compliance requirement.

Comply your existing equipment without changing Existing Process Control logic

Save Huge Capital Investment on Replacement of Old Equipment

Future Connectivity for Data Integration, MES, BMR or Industry 4.0 Solutions

Faster Implementation saves huge Production Loss while retrofit

High Value Proposition on the cost incurred for given feature set

Standardise User Interface and Software Features irrespective of PLC brand

L2 Data Integration – LIS

noxVIEW Line Integration Software opens the road to Pharma 4.0 digital transformation along with all other benefits of managing electronic records, Managing User Access Control, across the facility from a single central location in most simplified and seamless manner keeping all equipment controls intact.

A perfect Solution for centralized BPR

Centralized Record Management

Centralized Electronic Record Management simplifies data storage, retrieval, and archival processes. It ensures secure and organized data management, reducing the risk of data loss or integrity issues.

Centralized User Management

Simplifies user access, permissions, and collaboration with one user-one profile policy across the facility, enhancing security and efficiency in the manufacturing environment.

Centralized Recipe Management:

Easy & Effective control over recipes enhances quality assurance. Provides Central access to recipe for all operation at various Equipements.

Batch Comparision

Compares Process Parameter of several batch to optimize the process and ensure best and consistent quality with optimum utilization of resources.

Centralised BPR-Batch Process Record

Features that make LIS most Desirable

All Electronic Records and user management accessible from remote central locations without entering the manufacturing area.

Automatic backup of records in real time ensures zero data loss

User Creation only once for all equipment saves a lot of time & hassles in maintaining their access rules and signature.

No Programming involved for data integration at L2 Layer.

MES – Batch Traceability (BMR)

The noxVIEW MES solution establishes links to various workflows within pharmaceutical manufacturing processes on a larger scale. Apart from Weighing and Dispensing, it covers planning and execution of operations on the raw material being processed in various assets and equipment throughout the manufacturing life cycle and maintains the traceability. noxVIEW Software Platform provides a high degree of scalability to build the functionally complete system manufacturing execution system with a step-by-step implementation strategy.


  • Configerable assets management
  • Unique and Digital RM Identification
  • Barcode/RFID/Printer Interface
  • Auto Weighing scale Interface
  • Label Generation at Each stage
  • Effective Asset Planning
  • Easy Splitting of RM
  • Auto UAM  selection

Weighing and Dispensing

  • Precise batch accuracy
  • Potency Based Dispensing
  • Simulteneous PO Processing
  • Common Blend Work Flow
  • Auto Debit RM Consuption
  • Avoid Mix-up of RM
  • Reduce Rejection Incedence
  • Seemless ERP Integration


  • Guided Automated Work Flow
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Paperless Documentation
  • Complete Mfg. Traceability
  • Integrated Packaging workflow
  • validation at Each stage
  • Fleible & Adaptive Process
  • Data Integrity by design


  • Mfg. Operation Planning
  • Integrated Batch-Lot Selection
  • Mistake Free RM Processing
  • Interlocked Asset, RM & PO
  • HHT-Mobile verification
  • Real Time PO Status
  • Parent-child Traceability
  • Huge Capital Saving

Weighing and Dispensing

  • Packaging PO Workflow
  • Mfg-pack PO linking
  • Part PO Processing
  • WIP Area Interface
  • Parent-child Traceability
  • Unique Serialization
  • DGFT Compliance
  • FG Ware House In-Out

noxVIEW Advantage

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Years of experience in the manufacturing sector, Deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in industry.

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end-to-end solutions that encompass the entire digital transformation process, from initial assessment to implementation and ongoing support.


We recognize that every manufacturing facility is unique. Our Tailored Solution to meet your specific needs and goals.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of technology trends, ensuring you benefit from the latest innovations in OT, IT, and factory automation.

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Our track record of successful projects speaks for itself. We have helped numerous manufacturing clients enhance their operations and achieve substantial ROI.

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We work closely with your team, fostering collaboration and knowledge transfer to ensure your long-term success.

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