Your Digital Logbook

Record process parameters, identify deviations, and generate alerts without using SCADA! A perfect solution to all the problems of legacy paper logs, chart recorders and loggers.





LogSpot takes advantage of noxVIEW’s core APIs to create multi-driver networks to manage integrated devices and tags.


Easy Data Logging of Parameteres and retrival. Configurable Report Template provides flexibility.


Configurable Reports with Meaningful graphical analysis & Glace Parameter view makes it Fast & Effective to take time critical actions at right time


Operator's Choice

The in-built and easy configuration tool makes it a favourite pick for operators and supervisors. Use existing process controllers and PLCs for data logging of process parameters.


With full access control and user configuration, businesses can take full control of data.

Compliance and Standards

Security & Compliance at Core of noxVIEW, LogSpot takes Advantage of the ISO Audit Compliance and FDA 21CFR11 Compliance at every Step

The Concept

The stand-alone configurable OTS software application built on the noxVIEW Platform is a solution to all the problems of legacy paper logs and chart recorders.and loggers.

The in-built and easy configuration tool makes it a favourite pick for operators and supervisors. One can directly use existing process controllers and PLCs for data logging of process parameters.

Unlike conventional heavy SCADA used for digital logbook requirements, noxVIEW LogSpot provides samller footprint to optimise unnecessary

Realtime Dashboards

Real-time dashboards serve as a live bulletin of real-time tags, making it easy to visualize and process information.

LogSpot - Data Viewer - Realtime Device Status Mockup

For Pharmacuetical Industires

Build-up on the noxVIEW platform enables LogSpot to leverage the benefits of the high-end security module of noxVIEW SCADA, making it readily suitable for regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical and other industries undergoing ISO-like compliance audits.

For OEMs

White Label LogSpot with Your own  Brand

For ambitious companies around the world, noxVIEW makes creating meaningful manufacturing data as simple, intuitive and effortless as it can get. Our teams are capable of helping everyone from startups to large enterprises.

Open for tailoring to OEM-specific needs with white labelling on large volumes, it can be deployed on embedded computers for 24×7 real-time performance.

Ready to Get Started?

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Performance Analytics

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