Monitor, Control & Record your Process

Customizable HMI/SCADA Application built on the noxVIEW Platform for Visualization and Operation of Your Processing Equipment

SCADA Solutions


Intuitive and Powerful HMI/SCADA Software

Live Tag Monitor

Real Time Tag Monitor at a glance provides easy start-up and debugging

Multi Driver Networks

Create Multiple Driver Networks for Multiple PLC connection on differrent protocol simultaneously

Manage Devices & Tags

With the Integrated Systems Configurator, we can manage devices and tags at one central location.

Configurable Reports

The Smart Report Generator Module provides Configurable Report Templates to produce highly Customized Batch Process Reports & User Audit Reports.

Highly Customizable

Interact with your Manufacturing Process like never before with limitless Customization and Scalability

Reliable Operations

It is very light yet reliable and flawless run-time application software, which eliminates the need for a high-end computer system / (IPC) to provide an affordable user interface to processing equipment.

Vast Connectivity

It connects with Many different PLC brands like Siemens , Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Schneider etc. without using extra OPC servers as an additional concurrent component, making noxVIEW SCADA a more desirable and cost-effective alternative.


Alarm and Event notifications guides the operator to handle in-process situations. Records for Every Alarm and Event assists for Easy Compliance Reports

IIoT Ready

It connects with many different PLC brands without using extra OPC servers as an additional concurrent component, making noxVIEW SCADA a more desirable and cost-effective alternative.

Data Portability

Data Export/Import and
Data Archival/Retrieval for Fully Portable Data

Data Historian

In Built Data Historain in noxVIEW SCADA makes it precise and fast for creating historical records with zero data loss.


For OEMs

For ambitious companies around the world, noxVIEW makes creating meaningful manufacturing data as simple, intuitive and effortless as it can get. Our teams are capable of helping everyone from startups to large enterprises.

noxVIEW SCADA enables the OEM to keep their UI-HMI common irrespective of the PLC brand they connect to and reduces engineering time with the advantage of maintaining cumulative application enhancements in a cost-effective manner.

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Digital Transformation

Transform your factory into a digital factory with our IIoT solutions.

Performance Analytics

Optimize Risk, Cost & Downtime, Increase Production